Megan Taylor Creative

NW Fine Art Printing | Content

In my 3+ years working at NW Fine Art Printing, I was part of a team that created all content on the website, blog, newsletter and social media. 

One of my favorite campaigns was the "I Print Because" campaign. In this series of blog posts, I interviewed artists and photographers with the main question being WHY they print their images. The idea behind the campaign was that print is not dead.

Living in a digitally dominant world, its often easily forgotten that we can do more with our images than simply putting them on Facebook or Instagram. Printing your images makes them tangible and real. Special images should be celebrated to be more than just a JPEG on a screen.

Along with the written content and interviews, I also directed and curated how the design and photos would look.

Blog posts for the "I Print Because" campaign can be found here.